Commedia all'italiana

About This Site

This site was made as a final project for MLIT-351: Italian Cinema 1945-Present. As per the final project, the goal was to create something that showcased a deeper understanding of something that we touched on in class, or something that hadn't been touched on altogether but remained relevant to Italian Films. This site is the result of that.

The purpose of this site is to delve a bit deeper into the stylings of Italian Comedy and analyze it's history, definition, and mainstays. This is done through the analysis of several of the most prolific Italian Comedies, the trailers of some of which are featured in the right-hand sidebar. Aside from that, several texts were also references to shed light on the circumstances behind the creation of these films and the history and progress of the genre. All references are posted on the Works Cited section of the site.

The History section of the site takes you through a timeline of Italian Comedy, centered around the post-war era onwards. The analysis portion of the site dives into what I've noticed as notable mainstays of Italian Comedy, including character & genre tropes and a look at some recurring comedic devices

In bocca al lupo,

-Michael SanGiovanni

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